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Learn to sing with Aurora

Aurora is an international award winning artist with over ten years experience as a singer and songwriter. Aurora offers tuition for vocal techniques, vocal coaching, artist development and management consultation. Please contact Aurora for availability, rates and special offers.

Technique Instruction

As a vocal technique instructor, I focus primarily on the fundamentals of good singing, such as breathing, support, posture, tone creation, placement of sound, range, blending between registers to eliminate vocal breaks, endurance and excellent control.

A flawless performance can’t be achieved without solid technical skills backing it up. In other words, a singer’s execution of a song will either be aided or hindered by you’re own technique. Therefore, no matter how much coaching you receive, without a solid foundation in technique – and the stamina, range and agility that technique builds over time – you will not be able to tackle more complex, vocally challenging songs. You will need to gradually build your strength, flexibility, stamina and skills. A new singer does not start at the skill level of a highly trained one.

Vocal Coaching

As a vocal coach, I will guide you through your repertoire of songs and give feedback and advice on how to improve not only the execution of those songs, but also the vocal arrangements, vocal phrasing, articulation, enunciation, correct lyrics, pitch, volume (e.g., when to sing softly and pensively, or when to sing more loudly and energetically), breath taking (e.g., when to breathe during a song to minimize awkwardness and maximize breath availability and relaxation), rhythms and overall approach to the song. I will listen closely to ensure that you have not learned the song incorrectly and essentially help you to prepare and polish a song or repertoire of songs to be recorded or performed in front of an audience.

I seek to help my students create a flawless performance and to emote (interpret the meaning of lyrics and then convey emotion to the audience through body language as well as through expressive vocalization) and how to have good stage presence (e.g., making eye contact, moving well with the music, posture, hand gesturing, microphone technique, etc.).


I encourage my students to write their own lyrics and vocal lines to accompany either a backing track of their choice, which can be an original piece or an existing chart release. By breaking down the process together we can tap in to the creative thinking required to be a musician and it can build a students confidence not only as an artist but also as an individual. I have some testimonials coming to this page soon.

George Shilling – Bank Cottage Studio

George Shilling  is a highly experienced and successful recording engineer and producer. He owns his own purpose-built recording studio Bank Cottage located at his home in a sublime Cotswolds village, 90 minutes from central London.

As well as providing expert recording, mixing and mastering, George has abundant musical skills and artists often ask him to play cello, add keyboards, strings, percussion or bass guitar to tracks he mixes.

“Aurora is an exceptional talent, and a very hard worker. She has demonstrated great songwriting and vocal skills, but is continually honing these and is always willing to put the hours in and learn new skills. I get the impression that almost all her time and disposable income are devoted to her music projects, and she is incredibly focused on success in the music business. She deserves to succeed.”

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