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Award winning songstress Aurora J. Young is no ordinary singer songwriter. Her style may be hard to pin down in genre or type, but there is little doubt that she possesses a unique and powerful voice with superb songwriting skills to match. Making waves with her attention grabbing blend of soul and blues infused pop, Aurora’s expressive, unique voice and natural stage presence will ensure a crowd will melt in to the palm of her hand. Although she has carved out her own individual sound, Aurora is proud to have been likened to great soul singers Joss Stone, Paloma Faith and Norah Jones.

“Young’s voice shares with Joss Stone’s the aura of being too large for her body. It’s extraordinarily flexible, possessing as much might as you’d want (‘Guilty Pleasure’ is outstanding), capable of sounding tough and care-worn (‘What Doesn’t Kill You’) and equally at home in more delicate passages, such as the vulnerable chorus on ‘You’re A Dirty Friend’.”

– Music In Oxford

“Aurora has a great voice: pure, passionate, soulful, and much predisposed to melisma, in the lineage of a multitude of multimillion-selling global stars, from Joss Stone to Norah Jones.”

– Nightshift

“Overall Reap What You Sow is rather choice and has a transition that oozes class.”

– Unsigned and Independent

With over ten years experience working with various artists and producers for both live and studio projects contact Aurora today if you would like her to perform at your event or to collaborate with on a project.