What else do I need to know?

What exactly do I get when I book Aurora to teach me to sing?

Well, for a start you get a discounted no obligation taster lesson and assessment lasting 60-minutes.

You get to work with a contemporary singer with over ten-years experience in both live and studio environments to teach you.

You get a course that is unique and unlike any other being offered in the area. The course is structured specifically for you and can include management consultation and/or artist development elements.

If you book a course, you will get the opportunity to record your songs at Bank Cottage Studio with platinum selling producer George Shilling at a discounted rate.

Aurora is CRB checked too, meaning that she has been a very well behaved young lady with a great reputation!

A key feature – you will get ongoing support between lessons. Any questions or concerns, just fire over a message or call Aurora any time and she will be only too happy to help!

What courses are available and how much do they cost?

Vocal coaching and artist development sessions are £32 per hour or £20 for thirty minutes. A one-hour taster session and assessment is just £10.

After your taster session and assessment, you can then opt into five weekly courses with payments to be made in advance of a start date to suit you.

What about the artist development element, how does that work?

As previously mentioned, all courses are tailored to suit the individual student. If you feel that you or your child are at a stage where you would like to advance forward from just focusing on vocal technique, Aurora can set out a pathway within the course that you have chosen.

Because Aurora is not signing any artist to her roster at this stage, by integrating a management element into the courses it means that the student does not have to commit to a management company or spend a great deal of time trying to find one that will take them on.

Terms & Conditions

What happens if I decide not to complete a course?

You are entitled to a discounted taster session and assessment worth £32 after which you can make a decision about which course to take. If you decide to continue after the trial lesson, you will need to commit to at least five further one hour sessions periodically. It usually takes around five lessons to begin to notice any significant changes, which means that if you are serious about singing, you will need to see it through!

If you decide not to continue after you have signed then Aurora will not make you come to lessons however, you will forfeit the course fee for the period you have paid for.

NB: Aurora cannot teach muscle memory! Practice and patience are required on the student’s behalf!

What happens if I need to reschedule a lesson?

Please give at least 48-hours notice of a cancellation or to reschedule your session. If you do not give 48-hours notice you will need to pay the full amount as that is a space that could have otherwise been filled by another student.

What are the terms of sale for the Live Show vouchers?

Vouchers are non-refundable so please feel free to check Aurora’s availability before purchasing if you have a particular date in mind.

If you are located more than ten miles outside of Banbury, please factor in additional fuel costs at 45p per mile from OX16 5JH which will subsequently be invoiced for and require payment in full prior to the show.

Upon agreeing a date and time, a standard contract will be sent to you confirming all of the details.

What are the terms of sale for the course vouchers available online?

When booking the first session you must confirm the name of the purchaser and the date that it was purchased. The vouchers are non-refundable however, they can be sold on providing that the purchaser notifies AJY RECORDINGS by email of the new purchaser details. The email address to notify change of ownership is info@aurorajyoung.co.uk.