Are you ready for the next steps in your career?

Aurora is an international award winning artist with over ten-years experience as a singer and songwriter. Aurora offers tuition for vocal techniques, vocal coaching, artist development and management consultation. Please contact Aurora for availability, rates and special offers.

‘Although the courses on offer focus primarily on vocal training, I have introduced artist development and management consultancy elements to it. Typically courses include learning about vocal health, range, flexibility, confidence, microphone and studio techniques as well as live performance techniques, but I am particularly keen on encouraging students to find their individual voice and writing styles.

Each course is tailored to the individual student and a clear pathway is planned out for them whether it is learning the very basics of singing, coaching more advanced vocalists with their repertoires or guiding students with their marketing and promotional strategies. Students can come to sessions with their own songs and develop them or work on covers – both are important with regards to developing as an artist.

Alongside the technical aspects of developing an artist, I can also provide and/or facilitate the production new websites, promo photos and videos, studio recordings and session musicians.’