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I have teamed up with Banbury town centre music hot spot Rock The Atic to teach students of all ages and abilities to sing and guiding them with their musical aspirations. Students will learn in a cool, calm and relaxing environment at a very convenient location in the centre of town and also give them the vibe and experience of performing at a genuine live music venue. Working in partnership with a local music venue means that we can work together to develop and promote local emerging talent, something in which I feel very passionately about.

Although the courses I offer focus primarily on vocal training, I have introduced artist development and management consultancy elements to it. Typically courses include learning about vocal health, range, flexibility, confidence, microphone and studio techniques as well as live performance techniques, but I am particularly keen on encouraging students to find their individual voice and writing styles. I tailor each course to the individual student and plan out a clear pathway for them whether it is learning the very basics of singing, coaching more advanced vocalists with their repertoires, developing lyrics, arrangements and vocal lines or even guiding students with their marketing and promotional strategies. Students can come to me with their own songs and develop them or work on covers – both are important with regards to developing as an artist.

Contact me today for a no obligation one-hour taster session and assessment and to book your place on a course which culminates in a discounted recording at Bank Cottage Studio with platinum selling producer George Shilling.

The winner of my FREE ten-week course & recording session was Ashlyn Coombes. Take a listen to her stunning version of Ella Henderson’s “Yours” here.

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Five-week courses are now available to purchase online, ideal for a Christmas present!

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